The B2B Crowd ensures a secure user experience so that our users can utilize the features and post queries on the platform without hesitation. We take the privacy of every user seriously. Our Privacy Policy describes the main procedures and practices that we take into account in various phases. This policy is applicable in different areas of site usage, including data collection, disclosure, and sharing of personal information.

Information Collection Procedures

We collect the information from our users without involving any third-party sources or tools. The B2B Crowd retrieves the information from all the users linked to the platform, including the individuals utilizing the site for various purposes, affiliates, and third parties.

Personal Information

As you sign up to The B2B Crowd, you are asked to share your personal information to proceed with account creation. We tend to collect you a few data that is important to keep us informed about the user. The information includes your name, contact details, demographic information, and other related details that are needed to fulfil account creation criteria.

The users on The B2B Crowd only view the information that is set to public. Thus, the users outside platform cannot access your information without the consent. Also, you have choices to set the privacy option for the information. Read further to know more about the procedure.

Published Content

The B2B Crowd collects the information about you and the content that needs to be published on the platform. We require to get necessary details from the user, which includes the questions, responses, photos, and comments. However, if you choose to post the question anonymously, we only require your content details, date, time stamps, and associated public comments. Your questions may also be indexed on a search engine, as well as published on other platforms, where required. We make sure that the content is published according to the criteria mentioned in Terms and Conditions.


We keep a record of the messages or conversation with the users for any reference required in the future.


The B2B Crowd also collects your cookie information. It allows us to improve the user experience and convenience in using the site in future. With this information, we keep you informed about the practices so that you can use the site easily. For further details about cookies, read our Terms and Conditions.


We also collect browsing information, including IP address, location, and cookies. It helps us to recognize your browsing activity so that we can make significant improvements for you in a better way. Furthermore, this information is often used to personalize your experience according to your engagement needs.

How We Use Your Information

The B2B Crowd ensures privacy and confidentiality to its valued users. We don’t sell your personal information and other sensitive data to any third party for marketing purposes.

The platform only uses the collected information for the following purposes:

  • To know the identity of the users associated with the platform
  • To offer related services to the users for improved experience and satisfying your expectations
  • To communicate with the users in response to any query or inquiry
  • To enhance the content for the users, which is displayed on the site
  • To improve marketing and advertising of the site with the consent of the users
  • To show necessary ads and forms, which allows us to measure the effectiveness of our services
  • To send newsletters and updates about our services and make our users aware of the promotions that are for their advantage
  • To assess the performance of the site by analysing relevant metrics that are significant in improving the site for better usage
  • To comply and fulfil legal obligations
  • To avoid any cyber offense that may cause harm to the user or other individuals associated with the platform

How We Share Your Information

We only share your information with the respective authorities by using secure protocols to avoid any inconvenience. We also make sure that your information is not mishandled and thus, your consent is highly required.

Service Providers

Your information can be shared with third-party service providers who use the information for different purposes. These include payment processes, auditors, hosting providers, consultants, customer support, and Ad services.


The information shared by our users can be used or accessed by affiliates and subsidiaries of The B2B Crowd. The sharing of the information with these users are subjected to this Privacy Policy.

Business Transfer

The B2B Crowd can share or disclose your information in terms of merger, sale, or transfer of assets of all or some part of our business or related events.

Legal Needs

Your information can be accessed or shared for legal purposes according to the required law and regulations.

Protection of Rights

We may also use your personal information if we require to respond against certain claims in the legal processes. This will help us to eliminate any fraudulent activity and assess the risks, which can be prevented in the future.

How We Protect Your Information

We care about the privacy and security of your information. This is why The B2B Crowd aims to protect your information by implementing security protocols throughout the site. We have also integrated security measures to safeguard your information from any theft or fraud.

Since not every website is secure in transmitting data, still we take steps to control transmission process and apply necessary security techniques to keep your information safe from any theft. We also make sure that the users on our website follow the steps to make their account private and safe for example strong passwords, privacy measures, and logging out from the website after the process is finished.

Access to the Information

The B2B Crowd allows you to amend and update your account information at any time. You can simply check the settings and choose actions that are appropriate for your account and usage. However, if you require to make a few adjustments, then read our following section to know about the choices.

Your Choices

Our users have the right to decline to submit the information to The B2B Crowd. In this way, you will not be eligible to access services that are only accessible by providing us with relevant information. On the other hand, you also have the right to control notifications and communications we send to our users. Also, you can limit the information shared within The B2B Crowd or else, change the privacy settings.

Posting Anonymously

We enable our users to post their queries anonymously. In this way, your personal information like the name will remain hidden to the public while the content will be visible to everyone on the platform. The B2B Crowd will not associate your content with your User ID and related profile data.

Posting Content

You can also edit or delete the content at any time. However, any content, including questions and answers posted on The B2B Crowd, will remain on the platform and can be edited by other users. The deleted content will be removed from any third party site which has been shared using our platform. The B2B Crowd will have no control over deletions if any user shares your content to other sites manually.

E-mails and Notifications

By signing up on The B2B Crowd, we will send you an e-mail of confirmation and other services. It is the part of setting up an account on our platform and mandatory to receive the service as transparency. Once we confirm and verify your account, you will receive notifications and e-mails on and off to keep you updated about our services. However, if you want to dismiss the service and do not wish to receive any e-mail from us, simply go to the account settings and disable the option.

Other than the e-mails of our services and updates, you will also receive notifications of the activities being performed on your content. This may include commenting and sharing. You can also adjust the settings on your choice by following the same rules and steps. The B2B Crowd also allows its users to adjust permissions about the e-mails and communication according to their preferences.

Deactivated Account

On choosing “delete account” in your profile’s “privacy setting”, you will ultimately lose all the information and content that was available publically on the platform. However, if you choose to deactivate your account, then your account will be freeze, and you will no longer view and receive any e-mail or notification until you reactivate it again. Moreover, you cannot post or view other public content on the platform that is associated with your User ID.

Contact Us

For any query about the policy, feel free to contact us at

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is updated and follows the standards to make the user experience effective for you. If we make any changes to our policy and procedures, we will post it on our site. If we change our policy that will affect your personal information, we will notify you about the changes immediately. The B2B Crowd reserves the right to change or delete any policy under this section at any time.