The B2B Crowd is an extensive platform for individuals to learn and share knowledge, offer opinions, and empowering people to understand the norms of the world. The platform is a complete package for everyone because there is no limit to post a query and answer the questions under any category.

The terms of service describe the norms and agreement of using the site for the relevant purpose. It governs the services we offer to our users that are availed through the use of our website.

Before you use our services, you are required to please read our terms of service to get better experience and results.

The B2B Crowd’s Mission

The B2B Crowd’s mission is to grow your knowledge and to empower the individuals to understand and share new concepts without a hassle. This is the best platform to post a query and get responses from people across the world.

It aims to connect you with reliable people through which you can get accurate answers and opinions. This is a practical approach to the people who wish to acquire quality information from people having diverse perspectives.

Terms of Use

Who Can Use The B2B Crowd?

The B2B Crowd is accessible by everyone. However, there are a few limitations in the use of the site, which only allows reliable and eligible individuals to participate on the platform. Anyone above 13 years of age can use the B2B Crowd. If you don’t satisfy the age limit, the platform will dismiss your approval to access the website. Individuals accepting the terms of service on behalf of someone else may have to provide legal confirmation to ensure their agreement to the terms.


Upon registering yourself on The B2B Crowd, you are required to provide certain information. The main purpose is to keep the process transparent and require affirmation that our user is authentic. On our site, your personal information will be needed to proceed, such as name, contact details, and related details. We will use your information as a part of the registration process and will be controlled according to our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is developed to protect the users from fraudulent activities and sharing of information without the consent. By using The B2B Crowd, you agree to accept our policy and allow us to take actions regardless of being registered on the website.

Acceptable Use Policy

While you interact with other users on The B2B Crowd, you agree to follow Acceptable Use Policy at all times.

Delete or Deactivating the Account

At any time, you can terminate your account by visiting the settings and choosing the best option according to your choice.


The B2B Crowd will suspend or terminate your account itself if you are found violating the policy for any reason.

Changes to the B2B Crowd

To provide you with a better experience, we tend to keep our website updated and improved for you. We always make necessary changes to our website that will enhance your experience and will make it easier for you to use the features appropriately.


You are always welcome to provide us with your feedback and suggestions so that we can improve our platform. Connect with The B2B Crowd and provide us with your feedback.

Your Content

How You Post Your Content

The B2B Crowd enables its users to post content under different categories of their choice. The users can post any type of content, including text, photos, links, videos, and other files so that the audience can find relevant information. The user acknowledges the terms of the platform and posts its content according to the rules stated for convenience. You can set your content to the public so that anyone can view your content easily.


The user or its licensors, where possible, holds the ownership of the copyright and other intellectual property in your content, which is subjected to the non-exclusive rights granted as follows.

License and Permission

  • By submitting your content on The B2B Crowd, you grant the platform and its affiliated companies a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, and transferable license to use, amend, copy, reproduce, adapt, process, create new posts, transfer, publish, store, display, distribute, translate, make available to the public, and communicate the use of the content for various purposes. You allow the platform to use the content for marketing, advertising, and promotion of The B2B Crowd or our business partners using any means or distribution channels. You also agree that The B2B Crowd can make available your content to other organizations, firms, companies, or business partners to collaborate with the platform for strengthening the relations, communication, and broadcasting to the public, publication, or distribution of the content on The B2B Crowd or via other media or channels. This license also grants rights to other users of The B2B Crowd to use, modify, adapt, reproduce, copy, create derivative work from, transmit, display, publish, translate, distribute, communicate, and make available to the public your content under these terms of service. However, this license will not further discuss the right of integrated technology that is mainly used to perform content actions, especially copy or posting questions and answers to make derivative works. If you want to avoid translation of your content by other users on the platform, you can simply change the settings of the account or designate a few posts, not for translation.
  • After you submit your answer to any question on The B2B Crowd, you can edit or delete the response at any time from public display except for anonymous responses. Also, you cannot control the removal of answers from display on any associated channels or other distribution methods outside The B2B Crowd. The platform may automatically remove any spam from your answers to maintain consistency and authenticity of the posts. Once you post any question on The B2B Crowd, any user on the platform can edit or delete the question at any time. If you make any changes to your questions, it will be visible to anyone on the platform. The right for The B2B Crowd to modify, display, copy, transmit, publish, perform, store, distribute, and other actions on your post is irrevocable and permitted by the law unless stated in the Agreement.
  • You acknowledge and agree to the agreement that The B2B Crowd can preserve and disclose your content and related information if required by the law. We make sure that such preservation or disclosure is only required if: (a) applicable laws or comply with the legal process; (b) enforcing these terms of service; (c) responding to any claims against your content that violates the rights of third parties; (d) addressing any security threat or technical issues; (e) protecting the rights, personal safety, and property of The B2B Crowd and its users, or the public.
  • You acknowledge and agree that The B2B Crowd can perform certain actions on your content to achieve better results and provide the information to related organizations, service providers, business partners, networks, devices, and other media methods. We also reserve the right to remove your content or refuse to publish if it violates or does not comply with the standards, at any time.
  • You also give us permission and authority to perform non-exclusive actions against unauthorized use by the third parties of your content outside The B2B Platform or in violation of these terms of services.


By contributing to the platform, you ensure that:

  • You have the ownership rights or have obtained permissions to the use your content and grant us the permission to use your content under this agreement
  • You acknowledge and agree that your content does not violate any intellectual property or personal right or applicable law
  • You are responsible for preventing infringement of intellectual property or personal rights in connection with your content
  • You are also responsible and ensure us that your content follows The B2B Crowd’s policy. You acknowledge and agree to pay any royalties, fees, or compensations if your content violates our policy

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