Are all sellers (gold suppliers) on authentic and reliable?

AS Ashutoshdash asked on 29 June 2020, 18:10
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Purchasing on Alibaba is very safe but there a few risks though. The basic problem is that sometimes some sellers sell average products that are defective and of bad quality. This is very annoying, especially when you are getting bulk because you are spending out a lot of money. So, it is definitely good to be more concerned and take appropriate measures to ensure that you surely are getting the best out of your money.

Nope, many of them, especially in the electronics category are scammers. A simple rule of thumb on Alibaba: If the seller demands payment by Western Union or Moneygram and refuses Alipay, paypal or a form of payment with a dispute resolution method to recover money if non-delivery, do not buy from them.

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