Does AliExpress have cod? Is it safe?

ED Edwinnorthuis asked on 13 June 2020, 20:56
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NO COD, ITS NOT SAFE! RISKY BUY! I have ordered some luxury fashion jewellery from Aliexpress. Received the package after two weeks, shocking to see some missing items. It was a parcel from one seller. So I contacted the seller, seller agreed that he missed to send the items.

Seller started to force me to make next order, with which the missing items will be sent.

I found this wasn’t helpful, so I opened a dispute with the proof of unpacking video, photos and weight of photos received.

Usually Aliexpress refund for unreceived parcel. But this time, as the parcel is received but the items are missing. Aliexpress denied the refund saying proof was not enough and they need a stamped document from the India Post stating item missing.

When I called post office, they denied to give such document as they never opened it or never know what was inside.

It costs me several dollars, seller brilliantly cheated by sending low cost items, missing the costly items. Seller stopped contact, as aliexpress closed the dispute.

I re-appealed for dispute still it has been denied for non availability of post office documents.

Think Several times before you buy from Aliexpress, because missing items cannot be addressed by India post. Its really tough to get a document for it. Their dispute process changed and mostly they favor the seller leaving the buyers cheated.

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