How can I get a supplier on Alibaba to take care of shipping and customs clearance?

JO Johnhwang asked on 05 April 2020, 01:49
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if you want a frank reply, let the professional Alibaba agent do the job for you. you can present your query to make then extra conscious, despite that, they will be concerned for the safety of the package anyway.

Frankly speaking you should let professional Alibaba agent to do the jobs professionally. The Alibaba agent is more professional on strengthen packaging to keep it save during international shipping and as well as how to declare to save your tax. In addition the Alibaba agent offers more services to save your time and money.

The Alibaba agent service includes:

Sourcing and negotiate with seller


Quality control

Label and packaging customization

Consolidate shipping

Customs clearance

Mulitple shipping lines with lower shipping rates

There are some Alibaba vendors can pack and customs clearance for you directly while many cannot, then you can find a reliable Alibaba agent to help you do the jobs.

Please feel free to contact whatsapp +86 18665082185 for more details.

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