How can I operate a concrete mixer truck?

RA Rachelhoyt asked on 28 May 2020, 16:16
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It’s not a hard job. I have done it. The hours can be unfriendly with a lot of early morning starts. You just need to master control of your bowl mainly. The work is truck only so there’s no semis or trailers involved. Mostly it’s just backing up to the pump but there’s other things like wheel barrow jobs and other shit. When I did it I was already an experienced truck and trailer driver so I found it easy. Then I ended up driving the aggregate trucks. They used to refer to the mixer drivers as monkeys and there were a fair few clowns on them. Then this guy from Auckland came down on a mixer semi and thought he was shit hot. We just thought he was a fuckwit.Semis are easy compared with a truck and trailer. Then it didn’t work out and they use 5 axle rigids ( truck onlys ) now. So you just need basic truck driving skills and the ability to back into places. Then master bowl control and discharge and you’ll be fine. It also helps to be able to follow instructions. Don’t overfill the hopper when discharging into a pump and don’t let the level get to low so it sucks air. The good part of the job is you get a lot of variety

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