How do I find a local dropshipping supplier?

AN Anupkumar asked on 13 May 2020, 07:08
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your local suppliers will be forwarded by the manufacturers of your product, but the best names Dropshipping Suppliers are. 1) AliExpress.

2) SaleHoo.

3) Doba.

4) Wholesale2B.

5) Worldwide Brands.

6) Wholesale Central.

7) Sunrise Wholesale.

8) MegaGoods.

You can search via Google Use keywords such as “wholesale suppliers in “your location”

Some wholesale suppliers may have Drop shipping services running, while others may not. Make sure your Online store is ready, so you can show your sense of commitment.

Things to look out for / ask when contacting a supplier.

  1. Avoid wholesalers who charge sign-up fees.
  2. Compare their prices with other competitors.
  3. Find out their shipping fees, and courier services that are used.
  4. Also find out what their return policy is
  5. Clearly discuss delivery terms, no invoice .

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