How do the engineering students of IIT and NIT learn programming?

MI Mitalibahl asked on 08 May 2020, 06:22
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students of these prestigious platforms learn programming with motivation. they refer to the experts and solve their queries by professional guidance. they train themselves through progframming tutorials. cracking JEE is a sign of hardwork for good programming students.

Step 1: Go to the class with a lot of hopes that the course will help you become an expert coder.

Step 2: Try to pay attention in the class and then you realise that nothing worth learning can be taught here. Bang your head against a wall!

Step 3: Type “C/C++/Python… programming tutorials” in You Tube. Plug in your earphones and learn.

Step 4: Practice it online on any good website.

That's how most of us learn to code.

Hope that helps. :)


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