How do you know a guy with high testosterone?

VI Vishnuvardhanreddyp asked on 22 June 2020, 03:11
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These are the symptoms of a man with high levels of Testosterones: Acne, infertility, loss of libido, decrease sperm count, high RBC count, early puberty, Increased behaviours related to risk-taking.

If you acquired your T hormones by following a suitable lifestyle of weightlifting plus proper nutrition and plenty of rest and recovery, then you can project a lean physique with athletic posture, backed by real athletic skills . At this point you would not need a lab instrument to read your T levels. You know it.

This is the preferred method of increasing your own hormones. Remember that you will NOT look like a big bloated bodybuilder on after market testosterone and growth hormones. Most people will not not know that you are walking around with elevated T levels increase naturally. See a medical doctor to order blood works and report back to you. I get mine from my personal doctor.

If you acquired your high levels of T hormone from synthetic shots, shady online website selling drugs, another bodybuilder at the gym rest room, drug dealers, then after a while using the stuff, that comes with the signature look of drug use.

They call them professional bodybuilders. Most of these ripped guys and gals project a bloated mid section without fat!. That is a clue to know.

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