How is the A-Z automobile spare parts business?

DA Danstewart asked on 05 June 2020, 23:21
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Different types of vehicles ply on the roads - motorcycles, autorickshaws, cars, SUVs, vans, buses, LCVs, jeeps, trucks, non-transport vehicles, etc. As road network in India improves, more and more families prefer to travel by road instead of using railways or airlines. In this scenario, it would be a good idea to make available the required spare part in case any vehicle needs urgent repair in the middle of journey. It can be modelled like “Home Depot” in USA and make available all the spare parts for different vehicles in one place. There may be a chain of such stores in strategic locations. They can also provide battery charging and swapping facility for electrical vehicles. In the beginning, such stores can be started in select filling stations run by different oil companies on a small scale to gain better experience about this operation.

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