How many types of documents are required for an industrial supplier business?

KE Kesharinandan asked on 12 March 2020, 17:09
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Starting an industrial supplier business requires many documentations. Here are a few that you should know of;

• Product Requirements Document (PRD)

• Bill of Materials (BOM)

• The Manufacturing Build Package (MBP)

• Technical Files: CAD, Gerber, etc.

• Manufacturing and Service Agreement (MSA)

• Inspection Guidelines for Quality Control

• Manufacturing Certifications

To Operate in China

• Have a Mold Contract

• Do an NNN Agreement, Not (Just) An NDA


Not types but their are number of documents that might be required depending on type of business. Documents are nothing but just identities,registration,licenses, and bit of financial details. For any kind of documents details,licenses or registrations,you can link to Consult & hire top lawyers in India |


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