How much does Alibaba take as a shipping charge from China to India?

KA Karenmarieshelton asked on 28 June 2020, 21:44
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it is normally charged at per kg. approximately INR 1500 per kg, for a regular user by DHL OR TNT . if you valuable parcel of high value low weight then air cargo is recomended for you. Most Economical way of Import from china is probably ship transport.

Alibaba is like google for chinese supplier they dont make or sell any product they are just a Listing Site which gives you information on Supplier. So When u Say Alibaba I assuming that you are talking about a supplier listed on Alibaba. Shipping Charges depends on the Total Volume of your import.

While Giving you the Shipping:

For Air- volumetric weight or Actual Weight which ever is higher is considered

For Sea - Mainly the CBM or Cubic Meter is Considered

So let us know what are you planning to Import so we can further give you a clear idea.

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