How old are most Red Hot Chili Peppers fans?

CH Christopherboczkus asked on 13 February 2020, 01:40
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I'm 19 and I couldn't imagine my life without RHCP.

I've had a few tough bouts of depression, and a few suicidal episodes, and during the suicidally depressed times of my life, I remember thinking “if you die, you'll never get to see RHCP live, and you'll never get to listen to their music again” kinda sad that there wasn't anything in my life at the time to be worth living for besides RHCP, but it also makes me so grateful that I found them at such a young age because I'll get to have their music through the next 70 or so years of my life, and that my love for them is so strong that I willingly didn't kill myself just so I'd be able to listen to their music…

Well that got negative pretty fast… but all in all, I think you can be any age and like their music

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