How was your experience to shop with the Taobao website?

CH Christineng asked on 24 June 2020, 09:09
2 answers / 408 views / 4 votes
the foreigners that are living in china are very satisfied with it. they are buying most of their essential stuff through it. to have a good experience with then, be sure to check the seller's level, the reviews and price comparisons in detail.

Not many people have answered here yet but, Taobao always gets these mixed reviews which kinda get confusing. I suggest you try it yourself first, maybe something small you can be willing to risk or experiment. As far as I am concerned I use Taobao agents instead. Because it had good reviews and my own experience is positive so far. So I stayed away from translations and all. Look for reviews in some similar questions go for it. If you feel like and if in case your experience is negative, I have already given you an option and if you look for it you will find many more.

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