Is B2B marketing or B2C marketing easier? Why?

HA Harrikhiltunen asked on 13 May 2020, 16:39
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B2B is definitely not the one that comes with easier marketing the much does with B2C as the whole process is very detailed and requires more and more consideration, there more and more people involved and more decision makers are required as well.

I worked in B2C as well as in B2B and I from my perspective B2B marketing is much, much harder. Here are few reasons why I think so:

  • B2C marketing can be run in a pray and spray manner while in B2B you have to target specific job titles and C-level managers that are often far away from social media and hard to reach with typical advertising
  • In B2C you can almost instantly see if something works or not and if there is a ROI. In B2B where sales cycles can last for months or years you have to be really patient to see the end result of your work.
  • B2B often requires more thought through messaging and offer - you need to spend a lot of time on gathering data and running research before drafting your final messaging and offer
  • B2B requires you to go out of your silo and align your activities with the sales team. Without sales buy-in and feedback loop B2B marketing will always fail. In B2C on the other hand you can run your campaigns for months without any input from the sales or other company department.

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