Is it safe to eat psoralea corylifolia (babchi) seeds for vitiligo treatment?

ER Ericbittner asked on 12 July 2020, 22:05
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It is not just safe but effective as well. Babchi seeds are in fact one of the most used and most effective home remedy for vitiligo treatment. However, babchi seeds alone cannot help you much with getting rid of white patches. Taking these seeds might help control further skin discoloration to some extent but restoring the color of already depigmented skin with a home remedy is very difficult. You can go on for other treatments available to have a more satisfactory result.
There are many treatments available for vitiligo. You can use topical creams such as corticosteroids. These are also available in form of pills. You can also use immunomodulators and Vitamin D analogues to control the action of immune system. One very effective Vitiligo treatment is the use of light energy in the form of phototherapy and lasers. The light energy penetrates the skin and performs its actions to control the actions of immune system and restore the skin color. For very severe cases, you can go for dermatosurgery which involves skin grafting.
Those times are gone when treating Vitiligo was never into question. Although we are still far from having a cure for the diseases, we can still treat the problem and relieve the psychological stress of the patient to some extent with these home remedies and other treatments.

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