Is my B2B sales experience of any value when I am looking for a B2B sales job in Chicago, US?

NA Nathanheber asked on 26 June 2020, 00:39
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principally and morally yes but practically it greatly depends. by your quesiton it seems both if you worked with or in these companies and that will change the answer, hence the safest will be to think of it as a yes.

TY for the A2A.

In principle, yes. But, in practice, depends…

I’m not a big fan of answering one question with another question but, the way your question is worded, I’m compelled to do exactly that.

What exactly do you mean by “I had worked some of the following companies”? Worked in these companies? Worked on these companies (as prospects / customers) while you were working in some other company? Worked with these companies (as

The answer to this will determine my answer to your question.

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