Is necromancy still practiced in the modern world?

ZD Zdenkohrcek asked on 14 June 2020, 23:59
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necromancy have always and will always be practiced by those who are connected with this practice. although over time, the practice of this magic has been decreased. but anyway, many people are still associated with necromancy. to understand the reason you need to dwell with the practioner.

Asking if necromancy is still being practiced in the “ modern” world, is like asking if people still worship Gods in the “ modern” world.

Magic have always and will always be practiced, by those who feel connected to it. The number of the people who practice magic may decrease or increase over time, but still Magic and all it’s paths will be practiced, for at least thousands years to come.

Why ? You must dwell into the realm of the unknown, to understand the reason.

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