Is there any B2B platform for medical devices?

GA Gauravbansal asked on 09 March 2020, 01:01
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there are certain platforms that can be used to get medical supplies from, which include IndiaMart, Alibaba, ThomasNet, Trade India, aliexpress. however, the best ones are AsiamHHM and Hospital management.

I’m quite open and accepting change and evolution in all areas of life, including business.

Thou, I have difficulties to understand how could a B2B platform become the buy/sell model in B2B, particularly in this sector so sensitive to legislation, compliance, strict controls, loads of documentation and huge approval processes.

Marketing platforms? probably yes. Platforms for very general and, non costly and non body contact items? probably yes.

For all body contact related items, infusion, inhalers etc etc I kind of see it really complicated.

In the company I work for we have some raw materials that goes into medical devices. You wouldn’t believe the number of F2F meetings, discussions, paperwork and time involved in those negotiations that often, take more than a year.

Than, there’s the “long term supply process”. You can’t just approve a device that took ages to have all certifications and one year later say “we don’t supply that raw material anymore”.

So far complex to be dealt in a Platform. But again, probably some items and some part of the process can be possible.

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