Should mushrooms be refrigerated?

FM Fmbrohi asked on 06 July 2020, 05:24
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As explained mostly water content and drying out is the best option as paper bags do tend to fail their task quickly.

Growing your own mushrooms is not a problem when you have a suitable location so try youtube for “how to grow mushrooms”.

Mushrooms are fungus and very close to true meats. These must be cooked and this means not just chewed raw.

If raw the mushrooms become roughage and loose all potential of being a meat. Cooked and they are welcome with eggs and onions and mushrooms into such as an omelette. A pleasing meal. Reduce salt to this always. Salt goes against fungus and then the best choice is to start with dried mushrooms. China town is the best supply for most people to get dried mushrooms of every kind.

Apologies I was required to be so exacting but mushrooms are a favorite food of mine.

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