What are some ways a crossfit gym can differentiate from its competitors?

CH Chinasourcingpro asked on 09 July 2020, 07:25
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The best thing you can do is ask the clients what they want. Keep a suggestion boxes, and ask for anonymous feedback. Slowly, they will beign to shape the gym and also according to the market that I had.

Safety, safety, safety, safety.

CrossFit gets a bad rap because people get hurt. It doesn't have to be that way, but people get so caught up in the competition and the no gain without pain/sweat angels/pukie the clown attitude and proper form goes out the window. I can hear tendons and ligaments ripping from here.

Become obsessive about proper form, WOD scaling and crawl/walk/run/sprint. Clients need to earn the right to train with high loads and/or intensity.

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