What are the best DIY decoration ideas with pebbles?

PA Paandurangan asked on 02 June 2020, 16:42
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stick them onto frames and boxes for quick gifts, create whimsical faux cactus, make keepsake stones, create outdoor lighting, make pebble hangers, make wlecome mats

I really like the idea of putting some pebbles in a mason jar and putting a clear liquid in it, then putting a candle on top of it to make it look like a floating candle. Another nice DIY idea with pebbles is to make a candle stand made out of pebbles . For this, you would need to glue pebbles into a tower and glue a small round candle on top. Though keep in mind that you would need to glue the pebble tower to a flat base to keep it steady and you would probably need to include a base under the candle just in case the melted wax spills if the candle is glued tilted or on an angle.

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