What are the best sources or databases for B2B lead generation or paid lists?

AB Abhishekrawat asked on 10 July 2020, 09:52
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these are the best sources: hooversonlines, onesources, readycontacts, jigsaw.com, spoke, linkedin, iProfile, activecontacts, Zoominfo, demandbase

There are no best sources. It all depends on your target market and Ideal Customer Profile.

Based on my experience of selling B2B custom data for the last 2 years I am sharing a few things that you should keep in mind while finalising your data vendor are:

  • They should be able to deliver your data based on your exact Ideal Customer Profile. The more close it is to your person the better ROI you will get on your campaigns.
  • The accuracy should be at least 90–95% at both account and email deliverability level.
  • Your vendor should be able to process data real-time because that helps you get more accurate and fresh data compared to vendors who store millions of records and keep rotating the same data without relevance.
  • Ideally, the market price is around 0.20 USD per contact for a standard targeting based on your parameters but if there is anything custom then it can go up to 1 USD or even higher depending upon how much manual efforts are needed.

If you would like you can request a free sample data from EasyLeadz and see if it fits it your requirement.

Full disclosure: I am the founder of EasyLeadz.

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