What can I buy in bulk to resell?

HE Hemandpaul asked on 05 July 2020, 14:26
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You need to figure out these three basic things first: budget, ability to sell and the time of the year. if you are near to an official holiday then wait for a sale and the product that matches that holiday. then pick up from the local shops in the best discounts and resell.

That depends on 3 things..

  1. Your budget
  2. Your ability to sell
  3. The time of the years.

If you have a low budget and the time of the year I would suggests Halloween decorations now then Christmas decorations about the end of October.

About early to mid October I would buy pumpkins and Indian corn if I had about $250. That is only if you are good selling because 1–2 weeks is about all the time you have to sell pumpkins before they go bad.

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