What causes soft water to be so slippery?

NA Nathanketsdever asked on 24 June 2020, 16:35
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In soft water, the calcium or magnesium is replaced by sodium. The result of this would be that the water will contain sodium carbonate or bi carbonate. Both of them are stronger alkali than the calcium or magnesium compounds. Alkali when touched will produce a soapy slippery feel because of the reaction between the alkali and the oil present in the skin.


Soft water is actually ‘skin friendly’ and that slippery feeling you get after washing your hands with soap and soft water has to do with it not having the ions that bind with the soap fats that are normally present in hard water, so they remain slippery as the soap you’re using. One way to reduce the slippery feeling is to use less soap or a synthetic surfactant/detergent.

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