What good, safe and trustworthy websites are there for buying concert tickets?

FE Feifeizhou asked on 16 July 2020, 11:23
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There is only one truly safe website for buying concert tickets. The one that is associated with the venue you are buying the tickets from.

In most cases this is Ticketmaster, but some venues like Dr Philips Center in Orlando have their own website and doesn’t use TM, so in this case, you would use DP’s website.

In general, any other website that sells tickets for a venue they are not associated with is selling you tickets that were purchased by someone else and are being resold at a markup to you.

Stubhub is a common site for this type of thing. This doesn’t mean Stubhub is not safe, but what it does mean is that Stubhub cant guarantee that your tickets are legit until you show up at the door and try to get in because they cant verify against the original website’s database that these tickets are good to begin with.

If the person who submitted them to Stubhub for resale is scamming you, you wont know until the usher scans the ticket at the venue the night of the show. You can call and Stubhub will refund your money, but you lost your evening, and wasted your time getting there.

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