What is a JZC250 small concrete mixer?

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A JZC250 small concrete mixer is a kind of portable concrete agitator with a rolling drum. JZC is a shortened name from Chinese. J refers to Jiaobanji (mixer), Z Ziluo (self-falling) and C Chilun(gear), thus it’s also called self-falling concrete mixer. The main body of the mixer is a rolling drum, along the interior wall of which are stirring blades which cut and mix materials with the rotation of the drum. The drum can be made rotate in different directions horizontally or obliquely, during which materials get lifted, cut and then fall down repeatedly. In this way, the materials are fulled mixed.

Features of JZC250 small concrete mixer

1. Strict design and precise process. We have introduced advanced concrete agitating technology from abroad. Key components are from famous brands in global market.

2. Uniform and efficient mixing.

3. Reasonable structure and convenient maintenance.

4. Various kinds of materials can be mixed.

Structures of JZC250 small concrete mixer

1. Feeding System

The feeding system of the agitator is composed of a feed frame, a feed hopper and a set of lifting device. The feed hopper can be controlled manually through an operating arm. The top position of the hopper is restricted by an inhibiting device, the clutch of which loose automatically when the hopper comes to the right position. The hopper then falls down almost freely to the ground.

2. Mixing System

The mixing system consists of an agitating drum, jockey pulleys and a transmission system. The drum is supported by four wheels. The drum rotates with that of heavy gear rings driven by the motor. The rotation direction of the drum can be adjusted by regulating the motor.

3. Mixing Drum

The structure of the mixing drum is double-conical, and the inside of the cylinder is welded with high and low blades, which are respectively at an angle with the axis of the cylinder.

4. Outlet Mouth

A pair of discharge blades are welded inside the discharge cone. When the concrete is stirred, the direction of rotation of the mixing drum is changed, and the concrete is discharged from the discharge cone through the low blade and the discharge blade.

5. Water Supply System

The water supply system consists of an electric motor, a water pump, a regulating valve, a suction valve and a pipeline. Water can get into the mixing drum once the pump is started, and the time relay in the electronic control system controls the running time of the water pump by monitoring the amount of needed water.

6. Electrical System

TheJZC250 concrete mixer has an electric control box on the whole machine. The operation buttons and time relays are installed on the door and equipped with a protective cover.

7. Chassis

The chassis is a welded structure with two tires in the lower part and a towing rod on the front for towing.

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