What is the best book/ source through which I can learn a lot about automobiles (cars)? Their engineering and design aspects both?

DA Dafanzhang asked on 25 June 2020, 04:04
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Automotive engineering books are considered best by certain foreign authors which are insanely expensive starting from 7000 INR to 0.98 Lacs INR, m not kidding!

There's always an Indian way, here you go, m gonna suggest you some good books written by indian authors and the one i use for my reference..

  • Kirpal Singh- Automobile engineering Vol I and II
  • Mathur & Sharma- Internal Combustion engines.
  • For designing basics- an introduction to FEA by Nitin Gokule.

They are less expensive and will definitely help you construe core basics... Cheers..

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