What is the best product export from India to dubai?

TU Tusharsomani asked on 27 May 2020, 03:03
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best india exports to China are many food items like basmati rice, dairy product (milk, paneer, butter etc.), vegetables both seasonal and non-seasonal, meat, noodles, meat products and many types of fruits are exported from India to Dubai.
India has good terms with UAE. Many of Indian workers and traders are based in Dubai. Ties between India and UAE/Dubai are historic. UAE acknowledges India as its major trade partner.

The major export from India to UAE/Dubai is food item, but apart from food items UAE also imports many other products from India, like pearls, machinery, jwelery etc.

Food Items.
Raw food like, Rice (Basmati, UAE imports only high quality rice from India), wheat, spices (almost all spices produced in India), vegetables (Both seasonal and non-seasonal), paneer (A milk product), butter and other milk product, tea.
Processed food like Namkeen, Noodles and Meat and meat product.
Other Items exported from India to Dubai/UAE are
Handicraft, Handicraft items are, other item exported to UAE.
Hardware (construction), like hinges, toilet pots, urinals
Carpets, Which include all type of Carpets
Machinery and engineering goods
Gems, Jewelery (Gold and Silver)
textiles and garments
To start trade with UAE, specially in Dubai, it is good idea to have a reliable contact person there, preferable an Indian, because it is difficult to generate direct trust.

Indian traders also use Dubai as their trade hub. This is because of ease of doing business in Dubai and virtually no tax to run a business. If you are in India or Dubai and want to increase your trade then Indo-UAE trade should be your major focus point.

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