What is the modern stack of SaaS products for a SaaS company?

GO Gopiramanagrawal asked on 23 June 2020, 00:03
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Modern SaaS companies i.e. Mailchimp or GitHub usually build their services by mxing online and cloud services into a Technology Stack which works for them. This cleverly made technology stack then helps SaaS companies in the increment of the speed at which they evolve at the same time allowing scalability and experimentation

It's how the Saas software interfaces with the Cloud like app or that of Google.Saas basically host's an application that's makes it available to customers over the internet.The software vendor's host , maintain,the servers data bases,and code that constitutes the app that everyone around the world accesses.The software is stacked over the server,or sits In a stationary position while the user can access it! Yes, just be happy about who controls the whole network! It's a very complex system.

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