What is the price of the JS1500 concrete mixer?

MA Marclipshitz asked on 12 January 2020, 21:10
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????JS1500 concrete mixer price varies from supplier to supplier and country to country. In China one set of JS1500 concrete mixer costs between 120,000 and 250,000RMB, which is only a general price scope since things change with quality and specific needs of clients. Mixers with long quality guarantee may cost even more.

????JS1500 mixer is short for JS1500 double horizontal shaft compulsive concrete mixer. It has a productivity of 75 cubic meters per hour, and the hopper can feed 2400 liters of raw material each time. The mixer is also called 1.5m3 concrete mixer because it discharges 1.5m3 concrete every time. The mixer consists of the transmission device, the shaft end sealing device, the cylinder block and lining plate assembly, the water distribution pipe device, the mixing unit, the centralized lubrication device and the discharge door. It can produce hard dry concrete, light concrete, plastic concrete and all kinds of mortar. It has a hydraulic discharging unit, the door of which is located at the base of the mixer. In comparison with concrete mixers of other series, JS concrete mixers have longer service life, because its key components are from manufacturers of famous brands.

????JS1500 concrete mixer price also fluctuates slightly with costs of raw materials and manufacturing. If you want a specific price, welcome to contact us april@concretebatchplant24.com for more information!

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