What is the sales process of B2B?

SH Shirleytharpe asked on 09 June 2020, 16:02
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the sales process in a B2B is very simple and sophisticated. These are the series of events, steps, phases, that are a part of the sales that is performed by one business to another, evident by the name and very simple.

5 Step B2B Sales Process

  1. Research and connect with prospects
  1. Ask Open-Ended questions
  2. Teach your prospect something that will benefit them
  3. Qualify the customer using GPCT methodology
  4. Close the sale

The B2B, or business-to-business, sales process simply refers to the series of events, phases, or steps that occur when one business sells (or attempts to sell) a product or service to another business, hence the name.

The B2B sales process applies to most fields. Even transitions you would commonly consider B2C, or business-to-consumer, could involve a B2B transaction beforehand.

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