Where can I buy reliable electronic components?

SA Satvikrana asked on 29 May 2020, 01:27
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some manufacturers offer parts directly from the iste but that again depends on where you ive or where are you ordering it. same day dispatch is also not the case with those who offer worldwide shipping and instead of waiting, customers start to settle for less.

There are plenty of stores and platforms where you can purchase electronic components related to Robotics. But to my personal experience, Robocraze is one of the finest e-commerce platforms out there to shop online.

All their components come with an internal quality assurance tests. They sell on Amazon India as well as they supply to its largest retailer, Cloudtail.

Whether its flight controllers, development boards, Quadcopter and Pi Accessories Robocraze has always come up in terms of quality and pricing.

They even supply components in Bulk at amazing prices.

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