Where can I find wholesale fabric suppliers?

PR Praveen asked on 21 November 2019, 10:23
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There are numerous wholesale fabric suppliers in the world. However, in order to produce quality products, you first need to connect with the best one out there. One of the fastest and most reliable ways to connect with such a supplier is by signing up on a leading online B2B marketplace like Alibaba. Exporthub, Amazon, etc

Once you register yourself as a buyer, you’ll have complete access to contact details of all the leading wholesale fabric suppliers.

Thanks to the tech-savvy world, buying wholesale fabric is now as easy as ordering food online from your favorite restaurant, thanks to the presence of B2B e-commerce marketplaces.

There are a few online B2B directories that will be suitable to your needs. Here I am mentioning top B2B portals that can assist you in your quest pf finding wholesale fabric suppliers:

1. Alibaba

Alibaba is hands down the top most successful portals of the e-commerce world. Jack Ma and Peng lei set the foundation of Alibaba around 18 years ago. It is a dynamic B2B portal which offers E-Commerce, online money transfers, online auction hosting, mobile commerce, and online shopping to its users. Numerous verified suppliers are supplying products in bulk quantity.

Website: https://www.alibaba.com

2. Tradewheel

Tradewheel is a highly established platform for all E-commerce activities. It serves more than 500,000 registered users and helps them expand their business in new horizons. To enable its users to enjoy a safe, reliable, and profitable experience, Tradewheel is quickly increasing its database of companies. Being the most used B2B platform, it promotes transparency and quality among the traders.

What makes Tradewheel unique is that it is one of a kind B2B portal which connects buyers and sellers under one umbrella. Every day millions worth of deals are being made at Tradewheel.

Website: https://www.tradewheel.com/

3. Amazon

Amazon, which is a US-based e-commerce platform, has rapidly made its name in the B2B industry. They are having by far the biggest international users. Being a titan of online retail, Amazon is the most used B2B site of the United Kingdom. The availability of verified suppliers and retailers has instilled the trust of buyers in Amazon. The variety available on Amazon is enormous and the list of international suppliers is large which helps the buyers to find the most suitable one. Amazon also offers same-day delivery services however, this service is available in a few regions.

Website: https://www.amazon.com

4. TradeIndia

The name of this portal is pretty self-explanatory. TradeIndia is an Indian based B2B portal with its head office situated in New Delhi. It is having millions of registered users who are globally buying and selling goods in bulk quantity. Its prominent categories include Agriculture, Health & Beauty, Food & Beverage, Industrial Supplies, and machinery. TradeIndia specializes as the premium portal for SMEs.

Website: https://www.tradeindia.com/


ECVV has become one of the largest B2B portal of the world since its birth in 2003. It was founded with an aim to facilitate global trade more efficiently. Its headquarters is in Shenzhen, China, with brand offices and warehouses in major developed countries of Europe and the USA. ECVV is the biggest platform with hundreds of reliable buyers and sellers from all over the world. The variety on its website is unmatched, and it provides global buyers with innovative information on suppliers and their products.

Website: https://www.ecvv.com/

6. GlobalSources

Another well-known trading forum. They have their headquarters in the heart of Hong Kong. With their proficient capabilities, they are deliberated to be the key facilitator of global trade from China. This will also provide you a chance to connect with various car garage equipment suppliers.

Website: https://GlobalSources.com/

7. ThomasNet

ThomasNet is the world’s largest Industrial B2B Marketplace that connects industrial buyers and American manufacturers globally through the state-of-the-art online b2b platform. It is having 12 years of expertise attached to them. With time the platform has evolved itself.

Website: https://www.ThomasNet.com/

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