Which B2B website do you prefer to find China suppliers, Alibaba.com or globalsources.com?

ST Stanhanks asked on 20 June 2020, 21:31
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For finding the Chinese suppliers, both are very great. Not only GlobalSourcesand Alibaba, but there are also a lot other B2B websites that provide genuine suppliers from china, TradeWheel, made-in-china, GlobalMarket, and many others.

For finding Chinese suppliers, both are very well-versed. Not only Alibaba and GlobalSources, but there are also many other B2B websites which provide authentic suppliers from the china region such as TradeWheel, made-in-china, GlobalMarket, and many others. Let’s discuss each in a little brief.


One of the largest and most credible online trading websites, founded in 1999, which is not dependent for any introduction. Everyone in the e-commerce industry is bound to be familiar with this B2B giant. It was founded by Jack Ma and 1999, and it allows users to post up to 50 products for free. It is a Chinese owned marketplace that is expertly catering to a massive sum of suppliers and buyers from across the world.


Founded in 1996, GlobalSources is having its headquarters in Hong Kong. It is among the world’s most noticeable B2B trading website and is taken as a key facilitator for international trade with its mainland China. With respect to their massive catalog of products and suppliers, it is said to be the best destinations where you can discover decent and dependable suppliers, exporters and reliable manufacturers as well as importers from all around the world.


It is the latest portal made with interactive techniques, which allows buyers and sellers to connect and chat for buying and selling of remarkable products. TradeWheel is holding a rich directory of active buyers and suppliers, smart designs, and advanced tools that permit to strive with progressive marketing techniques and furnish your clients with the utmost benefiting results. It has an operational office in china and a huge number of traders from there.


Made-in-chine is another good source to find some reliable business deals from china. These are operational from China and aims to connect Chinese suppliers and sellers with the other nations of the world. On their portal, you can browse to find quality buyers interested in your export goods by getting registered with them.


It is also a good B2B web market which connects worldwide buyers with qualified Chinese manufacturers timely and cost-effectively. GlobalMarket is one of the reliable and workable platforms where a good chunk of traders can be found related to different industries. These people have some excellent suppliers on their portal for good business.

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