Which is suitable for drop shipping as a supplier dealextreams, DHgate, Alibaba or aliexpress?

DI Diegonunes asked on 03 July 2020, 05:03
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The best and money right now is in e-commerce. Setting up a niche e-commerce portal with Ebay and sourcing products from dropshippers is like shooting fish in a barrel. Now of course it’s not without risk. But in my opinion it’s the fastest and most convenient path from 0 to $5000 or more per month.

All these are just marketplace. Finding a reliable source is more important. Meet them in person and if you faces any issue with out of stock, etc. You know who to call.

Many drop shippers just depend on reviews, recommendation but forgotten the human behind is what you are dealing with.

Unplug sometimes and you will be rewarded with not just a business but a long lasting business relationship.

P.S: If US president still fly outside country to meet other important people, why are you not doing it.:)

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