Which online stores sell quality leather products?

AM Amitmakhija asked on 25 June 2020, 06:10
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These are the stores: Gucci, Coach, Inc. Burberry, Prada, saddleback, salvatore, versace, fossil

From the first glance that’s the easy to answer question especially than we are online seller of leather bags for more than 5 years.

Actually it’s a tough question for both sides sellers and buyers. To be honest with you I am very happy you raised this question and please give me a chance to explain more about selling and buying leather goods online.

From the buyer perspective:

Its difficult task to buy some leather bags or goods online because almost all sellers of leather goods declares they sell “high quality exceptional leather products and etc. and etc.” but how to choose the real ones than everyone telling (declaring) the same? When the things come to leather the smell and feeling than you touch it are very important factors. Some of leather goods has awful smell (especially leather from India and Pakistan) and it‘s nearly impossible to test it before you placing the order. Some of leather goods are extremely hard (like plastic) it‘s also sign of low quality leather and you cannot try it before purchase as well. You are not able to touch the lining (sellers tend to save some money on lining thinking it’s not so important but it is!!).

My strong recommendation would be to check seller’s returns policies and to pay a lot of attention to customer’s reviews (testimonials). Online community are very helpful to each other’s and usually thousands of people are more objective than „Sellers descriptions and about us pages..“. Please do not be misled by one or two negative reviews (it happens sometimes) but look at overall evaluation. You can find a lot of great sellers of leather goods on ETSY and plenty of happy/unhappy customers left their reviews here so definitely this is the good place to buy a perfect leather item. Time Resistance has ETSY shop as well, please take a look: Leather Handbags - Every bag tells a story… by TimeResistance

One more thing: great products made from leather cannot be cheap!! Sometimes poor products have great reviews because customers think: I pay nothing for this item so it’s worth the money :) So be aware:)

From the seller perspective:

It is hard to compete with others than you can make your bags (or other leather goods) from leather which costs 10 USD per 1 sq. meter and you can buy similar looking leather for 100 USD per 1 sq. meter. It‘s nearly impossible to tell from photos which bag was made from cheap leather and which one from more expensive. It‘s even hard to tell (for customers who are not involved in leather business) which one is which when you receive the bag, only real test is time. Poor quality shows up over time (as well as good one).

I do believe only time and happy customers as testimonials could help us to stand out so we must be prepared to put every effort in order to satisfy our clients, to go a lot of extra miles for our customers, work with no profit margins at the beginning, be extremely patient and long term thinkers in order to prove we are the real ones and our „high quality „declarations match with behaviour.

We are the owners of Time Resistance brandname and we wish to inspire people to see a Time Resistance bag as a canvas where their unique story of experiences, achievements and adventures becomes embodied.

We specialize in Leather briefcases, Leather Doctor bags, Leather backpacks and Leather duffle bags as well. Direct link to online shop: www.timeresistance.com

I hope I was able to help you a little bit, please feel free to ask if you have more questions!

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