Who are the best rice suppliers in the world?

What are the best countries for purchasing rice and other agricultural stuff in same category.

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Hmm interesting, I believe Asia is the place to look for best suppliers then. American/European counties heavily deploy strange fertilizers and generically modified seeds, making it an experimental grain., who know what impact they will have in future and what hazards will be there.

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Sree agencies in Chennai can be your one stop solution for your bulk rice shopping.

Apart from the various rice available across different brands, they select the best crop in its variety according to price and quality and instead of confusing the customers with a variety of crops, the suggest good rice with the best price.

Rice is defined by their crop number and least by their brand name, some crops look similar and can be adulterated to cut the price, most rice brands are costly because the customer ends up paying a part of their marketing expenses which are very heavy.

Ask them which branded rice you want and they will give the similar rice with way much lesser price.

Branded rice even carries 5% GST, so adding up to that the price you are paying will be very high than what these guys can give you.


Rice, is predominantly grown in Asia and South East Asia. India, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, Indonesia & Japan account for almost 85% of the world Rice production.

The best rice suppliers are therefore found in these countries as well. Since rice is majorly grown by small farmers, the major suppliers are also aggregators and processors of raw rice. And then there are the marketing companies who package and brand the rice and sell it to consumers.

Some of the top rice suppliers are:

  • Kirorimal Kashiram, New Delhi, India
  • UV Exports Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, India
  • Viet Delta, Viet Nam
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