Who sells the best 100% whey protein?

PR Prashantsubhedar asked on 02 July 2020, 03:40
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The brands like muscletech, Dymatize, optimum nutrition, ultimate nutrition can be of great service for you

I personally recommend you any brand of usa. Indian brands making us fools. You can buy any real product of usa. There are many brands like muscletech, optimum nutrition, Dymatize, ultimate nutrition, etc.

But you have to be aware when you are going to buy whey protein in india. There are 75 percent fake supplements. If you are ordering online then only buy from healthkart because they are selling 100 percent genuine whey protein products and no scams are found yet.

Also you can find any healthkart showroom nearby you or consult your friends about who is selling genuine suppliments in your area with bills. It will cost you some extra money to buy from healthkart or any reputed shop but you will definitely get a high quality product.

This is all about the real product. But the second thing which you have to watch in the nutrition label of your whey is that you should buy whey isolate and it should not contain glutamine, creatine, sugar or any other un necessary substance in it. If these things are not there then your protein is 100 percent good

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