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What are financial services?

SA Sagari asked on 14 December 2019, 08:20
financial services are those economic services provided by the finance industries and companies, which ecompasses and consists of broad businesses that mnage money, including credit unions, band=ks, credit-card companies, accountancy companies and insurance companies. they are located regionally, nationally and internationally.
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A. I’m assuming the furniture was used in your business office and 33,000 is the net book value.

Dr Cash 36,000

Cr Furniture ( net of asset and accum depr) 33,000

Cr Gain on Sale of Furniture 3,000

B, Sale of goods to Afrin

Dr Accounts receivable 15,000

Cr Sales 15,000

C, Frees samples distributed

Dr Selling expense 4,000

Cr Inventory 4,000

D, Write off 1,200 for Afrin

Dr Allowance for doubtful accounts 1,200

Cr Accounts receivable 1,200