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If you want to have or earn through a international business, you should be able to offer worldwide shipping fascilities. drop Shipping is part of shipping; although, they do not mean the same thing. there are some important differences between both.
It could be, for excessive 'whistling'! This is fine in an apartment block, where neighbours may not hear it. But in row houses or suburban houses in quiet suburban areas, the the whistle sound may be disturbing. More so if one has a cantankerous irritable neighbour, who may complain to cops.

Can garam masala be used as a substitute for curry powder or vice versa?

No, not really. The flavor of Curry Powder (as used in the UK etc.) is more like that of Sambhar Powder, not Garam Masala. Unlike Garam Masala, Curry powder doesn’t have cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Curry Powder is heavily coriander and mustard powder based.

If you don’t have Curry Powder, buy a mild variety of Sambhar Powder, for example MTR Sambhar Powder or Eastern Sambhar Powder. Use less powder than what is specified in the recipe.

Err... A Sandwich Toaster would naturally have the toasting function, wouldn't it? :) The major factor is the quantities you would like to be able to grill at one go. If you want to grill, get an OTG - unless you want to grill very small quantities in a Toaster.
  1. There is no comparison. OTG heats from outside. Solo microwave heats from inside
  2. Texture and flavors of anything cooked in a solo microwave oven is quite inferior to dishes cooked in an OTG
  3. Since food is cooked in an OTG by applying heat from outside, rate of heating is less than that in a microwave
  4. The best use of a microwave in India is to reheat food and thaw frozen items
  5. Most of the “features” in microwave ovens are seldom used in India, if ever! The only feature one can find in OTGs is a rotisserie (for grilling chicken

Take it to a service center (preferably that of the manufacturer).

The sparks (not ‘sparkles’) are an indication that there is a loose contact in either the oven heater connection, or somewhere else in the oven, which is preventing heating from happening.

A ‘loose contact’ prevents current from flowing properly. It is also likely that after the sparks incident, the connection is now open (disconnected) and the oven will not work anymore till it is repaired.


Is there really a difference in the taste of a dish if I use machine ground ginger garlic (mixer-grinder) as opposed to using a mortar pestle to hand crush it?

Definitely. And for a simple reason: quite a few volatile components go missing by the time the machine-ground ginger / garlic paste is bottled. That’s because the temperature of the paste rises in the process.

This doesn’t happen when one grinds small quantities in a mortar&pestle, or grates them.


One has to ask Ayurvedic specialist doctors (those who are involved in research) what effect different spices have on the human body. Most spices have been traditionally used to prevent or mask food spoilage, but modern cuisine uses spices because they have been used for 1000’s of years.

For example, turmeric has curcumin, which is a pretty strong anti-bacterial agent. In traditional home remedies, turmeric is applied to wounds to prevent infection.


First of all, ALL varieties of chillies start as green (or yellow or black) and then turn red on ripening. The other way of classifying would fresh (green or red) or dry (red).

If you are looking for health benefits, fresh chillies would be better as they contain higher Vitamin C than dried chillies.

4 alternatives (be sure to mix in a bit of the cashew paste at the end of cooking, so that the flavor comes through):

* Char Magaz paste. Char Magaz is the kernel of seeds of fruits of the melon family - watermelon, musk melon, pumpkins (both white and yellow) etc.

* Yoghurt - beat well with a hand blender or stab mixer, add is at the end of cooking, and make sure the dish doesn't boil after adding (the yoghurt will clot otherwise)

* Cream - doesn't have to be high fat whipping cream. Added like yoghurt

* Cornflour - quick and dirty substitute (most restaurants use it for thickening)

There are no reputed brands for copper cookware in India - not enough business to warrant that. A quick check on Amazon or eBay should tell you that. IndianArtVilla seems to be the only one, and they don’t seem value for money at all.

What you should do is to go to the wholesale market for metalware in your city, for example Sadar Bazaar in Delhi. There will be many traders who sell genuine copper cookware, not copper coated ones. Quality is usually good.



Till date whatever kitchen appliances I or my daughter have bought on Amazon were authentic and affordable.

To be sure of the price of the appliance you want to buy, do a Google Search for it. Google lists the prices on different websites. Amazon is neither the cheapest, nor the costliest. The problem I have with the cheapest prices is a doubt on authenticity or quality.

It is quite simple, really, though even Indian kids struggle initially to figure it out.

Whether you are eating rice, roti, dosa or poha, pick up a small quantity on the fingertips of fore-middle-ring fingers, and hold the morsel in place with thumb. Bring it to your mouth with the food facing up (more or less), and use your thumb to shovel it into your mouth. It is a simple action which doesn't take long to master. (Keep your mouth above the plate so that spill-overs fall into it, rather than on your person)

With roti (or anything that is like a pancake or flatbread), break off a piece, fold it into a cone, pick up veggies into the cone (use thumb to manipulate if a dry dish), and put the morsel in the mouth as above. Gravy is easy to pick up - simply dip with the open side up.

Mind you, most people in India manage to do the folding - dipping - holding - eating roti one-handed (never the left hand!), but that takes a lot of practice. Also, while muddling and eating rice, getting the palm dirty is not considered very cultured (your mouthfuls would have been too large to get your palm dirty).