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As far as nutrition is concerned potato chips which are fried in a quality vegetable oil are probably better for you than saltine crackers which is refined white flour and salt which just doesn't have the food value of a potato.

Now if you want a much better alternative then both of these Triscuit whole wheat wafers are a very healthy alternative.


Generally because you have 240 volts and generally because water heaters have two elements that are separate from each other and depend on one of the legs of your 240 they're designed to operate separately so that if one element burns out the other element is still working. Without your double pole switch you're not going to have two independent circuits!

What is a manual washing machine?

JE Jessicasvoboda asked on 17 December 2019, 18:56

Good grief you've never seen a manual washing machine look on your search engine to see what one looks like you fill the thing up with water it has a big tub you push the big lever and the things starts to agitate with your clothes in it then after while you push the other lever and it drains then you fill it up with water from your hose and when you're all done you drain it turn off the agitator and take your clothes and run it through the electric ringer which is two rollers that squashes the water out of it. little old ladies love those things it reminds them of the time they were young

What is the strongest fiber?

AL Aliceserinova asked on 20 March 2020, 11:41

It's actually modeled after spider web it's a syntheticThe World's Strongest Synthetic Fibers

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers (UHMWPE) are extremely strong and are the lightest of all ultra-strong fibers. The ultimate strength can exceed 3000 MPa.


I gave you a couple of good examples of industries that use an air compressor painting to spray paint sandblasting to blast away paint using an air compressor and abrasive particles the automotive industry uses it to inflate tires and to run there are tools that work on. Paint and body shops use them to machine Auto body and spray spray paint. The medical profession use as an air compressor to help person breathe. The post office and other shipping companies use an air compressor to inflate their shipping balloons.