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I personally prefer to have a multivitamin after breakfast. I do not consume it twice a day, just 1 tablet, once a day, is fine for me.

I do this because I am a little paranoid about fat soluble vitamins like A, D and E. I feel like if i eat it aftee dinner and go to bed, it might get stored in my body fat and pose a risk of toxicity.

Having one early during the day, followed by an active routine, exercise, gym etc will burn fat and the vitamins are more likely to be consumed and not stored.

I could be wrong . Just my fear.


There are many sellers who sell on Facebook and WhatsApp. I don't know if they are legitimate because I never see a licence number or any batch reports or COA. They have their fans but many negative reviews too which are (more or less) conveniently regarded as “haters”.

Well anyways, just buy from a verified supplier. Here is one listing of DAVISCO. Thye have other brands too. Buy whatever fits your budget. The MOQ is high (5 bags) but it will come with all proper paperwork, and most importantly, peace of mind.

Hope this helps.