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Here are five strategies you can use to elevate your pinning strategy and bring on the traffic to your website.

1) Sign up for a business account. ...

2) Focus on your copy description. ...

3) Pin at the right time. ...

4) Create pin-worthy images. ...

5) Join a Pinterest group board. ...

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As it comes to wholesaling, it definitely depends on what you're going for. Go to AliExpress if you want to stock up a few products, however Alibaba is nicer if you are wanting to wholesale a ton of products at once. The sole reason for the difference in price is that servers on Alibaba offer products at factory prices

I’ve bought some good gold items on Ebay in the past. Some people don’t know what they are selling and sell it very inexpensively. “My ex-boyfriend gave me this bracelet…” Buy it now. A lot of guys hunt on Ebay for cheap gold. A lot of bad people try to cheat buyers too. Look out. Go to a local auction house for some good deals. Call and ask if they’ll be selling any jewelry. Sometimes, you can buy over the phone, sometimes online.