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How do I get export data?

ME Meranberwyck asked on 17 July 2020, 10:00
CH is the place where you can get export data from. You can even get the raw custom data from there as well.
The first option you should go for is dropshop. These include powershop for ebay orders. Easyship is a good option for Amazon orders as well. There are various other options that claim to be the best, however they don't match the aforementioned ones.
I'd say this in order of my purchasing decision thought process:

1) Clarity of images. Product images need to be clear concise and offer views of all angles.

2) Product descriptions and measurements. I believe people read them. It doesn't need to be verbose, but if you're buying clothing, fabrication is important -- and sometimes, you just can't tell from an image.

3) Reviews if relevant. We'd like to know how an item fits on a real person, and if they explain how it fits and they give us their measurements
too, perfecto.

4) Sizing: Netaporter does this really well by measuring the garment's actual dimensions too and providing a size chart.