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Who started fast fashion?

KE Kenlarson asked on 26 June 2020, 17:22
Fast fashion goes back to early 1990s when the company Zara opened in New York and thst is the time New York Times used the golden words "fast-fashion" in order to describe Zara's fast production model which could bring clothes from design to stores within a two weeks time.
the most problematic industries in the modern world are as follow:

1)security and wellbeing


3)food and water industry

4)large scale conflicts

5)government accountability
Aside from the usual legal process, a clothing brand should pay close attention to IP protection. Branding and design are the lifeblood of the clothing business so they must be assessed and protected (and risk avoided) from the start. There could be trademark, copyright, and patent implications, both protecting your creations and ensure you don't infringe others'. You should consult a competent IP attorney to help you with proper planning.