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product design means different designs for different people, and the entire procedure can vary from product to product. where as an industrial design can be a part of the product design process, but industrial design only applies to industrail products.
In August 2014, my team closed 78.5% of our qualified appointments. I don't know if that puts us among the best in the SaaS sales community, but I'm damned proud of our team, so I'll take a shot at answering your question.

As co-founder and CEO, I'm still our best sales rep. I arrive at about 7am and enjoy two hours of highly productive work before the bulk of my team arrives. Planning, design, strategy, content development, plus a million other constantly varying issues and tasks make this time pass too quickly.

I still love what we do and remain sincerely excited to discover each customers' unique situation. It's immensely satisfying to know our clients buy because we're solving real problems (and not because we've mastered the inane art of sales ass-hattery).

There are no false incentives, tie-downs or fear of loss statements in my house. People buy because our sales process precisely demonstrates exactly how we'll relieve each customers unique pain.

My SDR's spend their time keeping my calendar full. Their target is to set 5 qualified appointments per day. We lose about 1/3rd of scheduled appointments.

I like to personally handle 4-5 qualified appointments per day. By the time they get to me, they've completed our online assessment, been prequalified by an SDR, and are generally looking forward to our conversation.

This helps. A LOT.

I can't stress enough the value of having my sales focus limited to these types of calls. If I were also responsible for finding and qualifying each appointment we wouldn't be anywhere near 78.5% closed.

Our customer base is geographically situated across the US and Canada, so our SDRs stay late enough to work the west coast. (We're in Tampa Bay.)

I try to leave at about 5:30pm, but lately I'm there til about 6:30.

Throughout the day I respond to email, social media and the occasional issue that requires my immediate attention. I keep obsessive notes in our CRM and also keep a paper file for each opportunity. A typical sales call lasts 30-60 minutes and includes rapport building, setting clear expectations for the call, a needs assessment, and a demo via screen share.

Slightly more than half buy during the first call and the rest we sweep up on the second.

FWIW, I'd like to add that Quora has helped make this possible. So many of my questions have been answered here. In fact, Jason M. Lemkin deserves a special hat tip as his writing has helped immensely. Thank you Jason. :-)