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you can find the HD quality pictures of physics lab at these official platforms. 1) ShutterStock 2) Wikihow 3) pinterest 4) sciencing and 5) unsplash. the pictures are highly defined, sharing the best parts of the physiscs lab in the science platforms.

Ooooh! I can't wait to see everyone else's answers to this. Let me throw out a few nominations to start with (completely from memory, and not checking the Tony list) and then see where it goes:

  • Edward Gorey’s Dracula
  • Nicholas Nickelby
  • A Chorus Line
  • Phantom of the Opera
I'd nominate the New York City Police Department's new integrated real time data analytics and surveillance system that is in the process of being rolled out.

I was at a briefing on it a few weeks ago, and it is very, very impressive. In fact, what I saw was so cool that it came pretty darned close to those ridiculous high tech systems all the cops on TV seem to have.  It combines sensors, cameras, tablets, digital recorders, the NYPD's entire historical database, and much, more.


NYPD Deputy Commissioner of IT Jessica Tisch is extremely impressive...

The contrasts through the whole journey. If you take it in the early Spring, as we did, you get to go from surfing in Southern California to snow in Oregon and rain in Washington. It's an amazing trip and, as the flagship of Amtrak, it's got an observation car, dining car, movie theater, kids playroom, etc.

LivePlan, the online version of Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto Software, is your best choice. It is the industry standard, has been around for over a decade with regular updates, and features the wisdom of Tim Berry, who was the original creator, and is one of the industry's leading experts on the topic.

Construction cranes do not need to be 300 meters in the air on an empty construction site. They only need to be at a given height above the highest floor being worked on. For most large buildings, construction cranes start at a relatively low height, and then are “jumped” up every few days or weeks as the superstructure is being constructed, continually being tied into the building every few floors:


Most angel investors lose money. For the successful ones, the average holding time until profits is between nine and ten years.

“Instantly profitable”?

Where are bitcoin miners located?

DA Darrenjohnson asked on 23 June 2020, 12:24


Look inside the surreal world of an Icelandic bitcoin mine, where they literally make digital money

Check out Panjiva.com, which provides a complete directory and rating service for suppliers of all types.

Disclosure: I am investor in the company.