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follow these tips to sell SaaS app to companies

1) Emphasis on using cloud and its advantages like why buy rather build from scratch.

2) Build some good story in case studies emphasis how their industry is tending towards SAAS.

3) Focus on ROI than features by quoting some of your clients competitors.

4) Do general mathematical calculations to showcase the effectiveness and efficiency.

5) Should have full know how of your competitors and their disadvantages.

we havent heard of such a thing before but you can source pretty much anything. there are not much options to find an accurate listing of products. the restriction on certain products require extra documentation.

Now Alibaba doesn't have.But I think it will.Alibaba always want to be a platform for others,so didn't have own logistics company.But now Alibaba finds it's important to bulid own logistics company because of Jing Dong.Recent yers Alibaba is building 菜鸟驿站(a logistics company).And Alibaba thinks heightly of international market . So I think Alibaba will have own logistics company and warehouse out of china.