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It would be hopelessly unstable.  The slightest outside influence would cause it to wander off into some other path, possibly achieving a stable orbit but probably not.

Two stable configurations are thought to exist: close enough to one star to orbit it or wide enough to orbit two or more stars.  Examples of each are known:

  • Fomalhaut b orbits the largest of the three stars composing Fomalhaut.
  • DT Virginis is a binary star orbited by at least one planet.
Two very different entities: irregular galaxies are smaller than the Milky Way and ellipticals much larger.
The Wiki has a good account, Elliptical galaxy and Irregular galaxy.  The Magellanic Clouds are excellent examples of irregulars.  There are no ellipticals in the Local Group, and those you do see look very dull.

By China or against China? But both seem very much like the rest of the world.

A rich elite in the West have been taking an increasing and unfair share of the wealth since the 1980s, without in any way boosting overall economic growth. To get friendly governments elected, they have to divert attention. Russia and China are both useful scapegoats.

See also Degraded Globalisation, and Money and Gun-Power – Globalisation as it is

Most of it needs state funding and brings no clear immediate return.  So it is unpopular in the political climate that has dominated since the 1970s.